About our Practice

The original dental practice at 116 East Spotswood Ave., Elkton, VA was purchased from the late Dr. Snead Camden, DDS, in 1987 by Dr. Jon M. Trabosh, DDS who opened for business on January 11th, 1988. Four years later, the original building of 725 square feet was remodeled and a second story was added on increasing the size to 2400 square feet to accommodate the increasing size of the practice and to provide facilities for the staff.

By 2000, the practice continued to grow to such an extent that Dr. Trabosh brought on an associate, Dr. Janice Usnick, DMD to the practice in August of 2001. Dr. Trabosh had also purchased property on West Spotswood Avenue, and had plans drawn up for a larger, updated dental office.

The new office opened for business in January of 2002.  In July of 2006, Dr. Craig W. Flaherty, DDS, was hired to help accommodate our patients' needs in our continually growing practice.

In 2009, the office went 'digital and paperless', installing state of the art x-ray equipment and also a new computer software program, allowing the office to join the 21st century, and to treat patients in a more expeditious manner.

We are eager to discuss you and your family's dental needs. Feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to hearing from you!

160 West Spotswood Ave
Elkton, VA 22827
(540) 298-1581